About Us

These girls just wanna have fun! 

The Play Shop began with a collaboration of 3 creative and business savvy women with a dream to create products that encourage kids to be kids, whatever the age.  Angie, Katie and Kim have over 40 years of combined experience in design, product development, manufacturing, buying, merchandising and consumer insight sales.  We imagine, we research, we trend, and we design to bring our customers quality, safe, unique and most of all FUN products with every new release.  If you enjoy what you do every day, is it still called “work”?


Angie’s not limited to the Merchandising Business, she will pick up any activity as long as it gets her outdoors.  In the Minnesota winters, she skates and hikes until her favorite season of summer arrives where she can be found boating, running, or swimming.  She began her career sourcing products for incentive catalogs and quickly moved into a Merchandise Manager role buying everything from furniture to electronics to party supplies.  This experience gave her the confidence to use her skills and “flip” the tables to sit on the other side as a Director of Product Development.  Today she thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to use her creativity and business management background to lead a company of women in designing, manufacturing and bringing unique, imaginative products to “KIDS” of all ages.  Idea girl, volunteer and lover of the outdoors, Angie Schmitz is a World Traveler wannabe, but her favorite roll is that of wife and proud mom of some VERY FINE young adults!


Katie, born and raised in Minnesota, graduated college and fell into the product development field. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her psychology and business degrees but found her stride in managing timelines and product details, negotiating pricing and finding creative solutions to benefit both the company and the retailers. Her type A mentality works well to keep everything running smooth and organized. Her two young daughters, Tessa and Leah, have helped with the development of our products, making sure our products pass the fun test each and every season. They help to inspire our collections so we know each product is tailored to what kids want. When she isn’t working, she is taking bike rides or building snowmen with her kids (depending on the season), updating her home with her husband Ryan, and exploring new restaurants with friends and family.


Kim has been hands-on designing products and packaging since she graduated from Iowa State University in 2008. Her aesthetic is playful and and fun, which has been perfect for a career in pet and kids products. She loves bright colors, new ideas, and singing karaoke. She and her husband Elliot the pet parents of 2 cranky cats, and the loving caretakers of many drooping houseplants.